Services and Fees

mental health assessment with report £200

A mental health assessment is 90 minutes long and covers your concerns in detail, including the history of the issue and recommendations for support. I may signpost you to alternative services (which may be free) or recommend a specific type of therapy. This is followed by verbal feedback and a written report.

couples therapy
£165 per session

Couples therapy can be useful not only if you are experiencing a difficulty in your relationship, but also if you would like to explore a particular area of your relationship or family life. It can also be helpful in thinking about ways you can enhance your communication within the home and develop healthy patterns of relating to each other.

During our first session we will discuss what you are seeking and how therapy could help. This will enable us to make a therapy plan together.


During our first appointment, we will discuss what has brought you to therapy as well as how to make it work for you. The first session can help explore how further therapy sessions will be useful and help you meet your goals.

I work with all types of mental health presentations offering short-term and long-term psychological therapy depending on your needs and goals.

Together we can make a therapy plan which will suit you.

At present, I am only working with adults aged 18+.